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Breaking News! Fotoquest Go is extended until 30 September
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Every single day around 2.5 million m² of land in Europe is being built on. Although these houses, businesses, roads and recreational areas are useful, development has a negative cost like an increased risk of flooding and contributing to global warming.
With your help, FotoQuest Go can track the effect of these changes in our landscape and help to conserve Europe’s nature for future generations.
We developed FotoQuest Go to collect evidence of how quickly our landscape is changing, providing scientists with a crucial source of data.
All this data is gathered by individuals like you. You don't have to be a scientist, just have access to a mobile phone with a camera.
In return, we offer up to €3 for completing quests
We have placed around 340,000 points at a range of locations across Europe.
Once you have downloaded the Fotoquest app, use the map to find a point near you and follow the instructions to complete each quest
A quest requires you to take photographs of the landscape and answer a few short questions.
Once submitted, our researchers will validate your submission and you could even receive up to €3 for your work! The amount depends on the distance of the point to the nearest road.
Once a week there will be the chance to win €30 for visiting more remote points. This point could be in any country in Europe. The campaign will run between 8 June and 30 September 2018.


1. Select a quest
2. Try to get as close to the point as possible
3. Take a picture and follow the instructions in app
4. Upload your result and earn money!

We have a limit of €10,000 on payments to contributors. If we reach this before 30 September 2018, we will end the campaign with payments before this date. However, the data collection activities (submitting quests) will continue. We will inform you if the campaign with payments is terminated earlier than 30 September via the FotoQuest Go app, website and the Geo-Wiki and FotoQuest Go social media channels. Your total earnings will be transferred to your PayPal account in October 2018. You must be over 18 to open a PayPal account, and please ensure you have provided the correct PayPal address. If you want to donate your FotoQuest Go earnings to an environmental NGO or cause, please contact us via info@fotoquest.at.


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