Explore the European landscape and help build a more sustainable future while doing so!

For outdoor enthusiast citizen scientists!

Would you like to help build a more sustainable future while at the same time exercise in the great outdoors and be rewarded with prizes for doing so?

Join our citizen science community and become a ‘scientist’ in your free time with the FotoQuest Go App! This App will navigate you to destinations near or far and you can explore Europe’s varied landscapes from the coast to the city, from the lake shore to the mountain top, through farmland and forests.

Why is your contribution important?


Europe is diverse in its landscapes and land cover types, but a growing competition for resources and space has intensified demands on land. Land is regularly converted to large residential, business, shopping, and parking areas, as well as transportation networks that cut through landscapes adding to environmental fragmentation and degradation.


Without sustainable planning made possible through accurate and timely data, fertile soil and land rich in plant life are quickly disappearing under asphalt and concrete. To safeguard Europe’s beautiful and varied landscapes for future generations, we must take stock of its land cover today.


Our main research problem is a lack of in-situ, or ground-based, data on land cover, use and change. National land cover surveys are only carried out every few years, and more frequent and cost-effective solutions are needed.

How It Works

Using FotoQuest Go on your smartphone, you can join the wave of citizen scientists by taking pictures and providing vital information on land cover and land use across Europe.

  1. Download the free app on your GPS-enabled mobile device
  2. Start your quest by choosing a destination and use the app to help you get there
  3. Follow the instructions to take the indicated pictures
  4. Answer a few questions about the vegetation and land use
  5. Upload your quest, or save to upload later